Olvitech Ltd. is a high technology company, based on over 20 years of experience in business and technology development . Olvitech provides a wide range of solutions in Video-Security, Video Analytics, Media and HLS.

Olvitech offers business development, marketing, project management and consulting services for businesses and governmental organizations. We specialize in technology solutions in the fields of security, multimedia and networking.

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About us

Based on our extensive experience in video security, media and HLS, Olvitech Ltd. designs custom end-to-end turnkey solutions that include equipment, training, logistical planning and support programs.

Our extensive network of partners includes leading developers, vendors, solution providers and top-notch system integrators.

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Business Development & Consulting


Marketing objectives are usually characterized by unique business mentality, financial, commercial and operational regulations, which requires curtain market expertise, knowledge and relevant contacts in order to accomplish such Marketing tasks in an efficient manner. Olvitech experts offer unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience, allow for developing and execution of successful marketing programs.

Solution Design

In this dynamic industry, Olvitech’s vision and fast response to changing market needs are critical assets to our customers. Our clear vision and responsiveness to change enable our customers to stay ahead in the changing competitive landscape. Our main challenge is to design a unique, tailor-made, yet cost effective solution to meet our customer’s most ambitioned dreams.

For Olvitech, the most important objective is to realize the project to its full potential, still maintaining a broad view and understanding of the project’s limitations; an analysis of the size of the project, the budget at hand, a schedule and dead-lines, quality control and general optimization of the project’s resources bears the most basic importance to the project.

Project Management

Starting with the concrete challenges that our clients need to address, Olvitech offers full project planning services; many businesses in today’s world have difficulties in doing so independently. Olvitech offers its clients with infrastructure that enables future growth, by using a design of unified system environments. The modular attributes of the infrastructure can always be changed and designed according to various needs.


Olvitech provides multi-level support solutions to all its partners. Ensuring Olvitech clients’ satisfaction is of the aught most importance to us, and we view it as the main contributor to our success. We train, support and provision our partners, so that the services they offer clients are of the highest rate.


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Contact us

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