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Olvitech is an Israeli high technology company, with over 25 years of experience in business development, project planning and management, and implementation of multidisciplinary security solutions for Smart and Safe City applications. Olvitech is active and specializes in HSL & Healthcare Sectors. We focus on providing practical, substantial, and cost-effective solutions for Government and Private Sectors based on proven methodologies. Read more



We implement high-end projects of any scale, providing our customers with holistic project’s support, from dedicated project planning to the professional concept of operation, all tailored to each specific needs. Read more


Our professional staff is highly qualified specialists, multi-language speakers, capable to provide you with all the necessary services, to ensure effective and fruitful future proof project. Best security solutions without compromise. Read more


Team personal expertise includes such areas as security, HLS (incl. anti-terror, emergency operational concepts) & Smart City (incl. traffic solution, C&C room), Video processing technologies & IT, logistics & planning. Read more

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Professional College



We train organization the art of Civilians Rescue Operations aimed to assimilate emergency actions for strengthening the organization’s rescue emergency response, save lives, and assist in providing the citizens a sense of security.

“TAKE OFF” course

The course is based on Israeli Air Force methodology of failure and success assessment to any project organization in order to remove obstacles and achieve significant advancement.





The course is based on Israeli Police methodology to apply the operational actions for each potential security scenario.

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To be truly effective, safety and security need to be built-in from the ground up. Hardware and operating systems need to be designed to create security platforms and resist attacks; applications need to use the right operating system security features.

protect your citizens and property situation center 911 112 city safe city safecity smart city


Funds safety is the best assessment of the quality of bank activities and a valuable recommendation. Read more

Laser Sensors Radar Sensors Video Cameras Mobile Wearable Solutions Video Analytics Command Control Systems Integration in SafeCity


Traffic Law Enforcement; Intelligent Transport Systems; Smart Parking. Read more


Aviation security is a top priority for the country. Our solutions focus on building the sectoral dynamics of the aviation security industry.

telecommunication companies to the central role of Safe-City Smart-City networks cables cloud


Large infrastructure projects, which present a unique set of communications IOT based technologies, lead the telecommunication companies to the central role of Safe-City and Smart-City project execution. Read more

Physical Security Management System Integration Process Analysis


Assisting System Integrator’s project teams to approach the different project aspects better,  focusing on maximizing efficiency. Read more

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Check out what some of our customers are sharing about their challenges, experiences and our services

“I’m in an Entertainment and Games business. My Surveillance system was designed and developed by SI according to my challenges and needs. It was supposed to utilize face recognition scenarios. My SI has recommended using a platform of a vendor, who had a great innovative cloud solution. We decided to go for it and develop the whole concept around this technology. Shortly after a successful lounge of the system, the regulation in our country-restricted usage of a cloud solution, with servers, based outside the country and restricted a collection of some of the personal information. The vendor had no alternative solution and couldn’t support such a scenario. As a result, the Olvitech team rebuilt the concept, and we saved an enormous budget. Read more

Innovations meet Regulations

“Our site is a private Education Institution. It was planned 3 years ago, and the CCTV part was designed accordantly. During the years of constructions many changes happened on my site, some of communication infrastructure has moved from its original path, the fence has different layout and height and also a nearby lake aria became a part of our responsibility in terms of student’s safety. As a result, we face different security threats and by the time we start installation of the originally designed Surveillance system – it is no longer address our needs.” Read more

Flexibility of addressing needs and threats

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