How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Students Safety

Violence is, sadly, a reality on thousands of campuses today in America. Video Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning are now being used in schools across the U.S. to help prevent school shootings and other safety issues.

DeepNorth company announced the program to help schools enhance safety and safety measures to help prevent school shootings, help with other safety problems. The security solution by DeepNorth is Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Video Analytics platform grounds up with deep learning algorithms. The company offers to decide about safety issues rapidly and cost-effectively. Through the program, some schools will have the opportunity to test this platform for detecting suspicious objects, behavior, and other threats on campus. Al platform utilizes advanced object and face recognition technology and based on deep learning models. The platform creates intelligent insights in real-time by using video footage from existing security cameras. The self-learning sensor makes it possible to detect and interprets behaviors and movements by people across physical settings, as well as effectively extract the information of potential threat objects.

According to iHLS, there is a high demand for smart and cost-effective security solutions.
Artificial Intelligence helps staff to assess the situation and choose the best way to respond. However, technology vendors must maintain essential privacy standards.

Another new and barrier breaking solution for the HLS domain is the HyperMic™ by Insight Acoustics. The technology by Insight Acoustics presents a unique and effective AI based algorithm track selected sound source (e.g. people speaking, whispering etc.) in harsh environment. The HyperMic™ utilizes a combination of cross camera tracking and audio analytics. AI platform source-specific sound and speech capture with a high level of background noise rejection tracks the physical location of the selected sound sources. Sound Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning can proactively detect and prevent a variety of threats to student and faculty safety while maintaining privacy.

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