Where Does Copper in The Copper Oxide Mask Come From?

The most essential and simple preventive measure to keep healthy during a pandemic is wearing a face mask. Although the medical face masks are intended for disposable use only, sometimes individuals do not replace them after each usage period or dispose of them improperly. Disposing of used masks and wearing incorrectly increase the risk of spreading the infection. The Copper Inside Mask helps solve this problem, as according to recent research, the mask can render the SARS-CoV-2 non-infectious within minutes. Let us figure out where does copper in the Copper Inside Mask comes from?

Israeli Copper Oxide Mask is produced from raw materials from the Nordox factory. The Company is the world-leading producer of high-quality cuprous oxide for global industrial and agricultural markets. Nordox operates in more than 75 countries. The factory is located in the industrial neighborhood Helsfyr in Oslo and employs over 70 people. The Nordox factory in Oslo produces 20,000 tons of copper oxide annually.

The process of impregnation copper oxide into the material (polypropylene nonwoven spunbond)

Copper-Inside Technology Process

During the pandemic, demand increased dramatically as copper is utilized to eliminate viruses and bacteria. The Company has delivered several tons of copper oxide to Israel, according to Lars Tomasgaard, Managing Director of Nordox. Nordox has supplied copper oxide to produce antimicrobial wound dressing for several years. The same unique technology (patented and licensed) of applying copper oxide into a non-woven fabric is currently used in the production of the masks. The production of a mask requires a few micrograms of copper oxide, so it is possible to produce many masks.

Copper oxide impregnated in polypropylene nonwoven spunbond. A tiny amount of copper particles are blended into the mask, so it has a unique brownish or salmon-pink color. But it does not cause skin irritation or sensitization. The Copper-Oxide Antiviral Medical Facemask is made out of three layers. The outer layer prevents droplets from entering and holds microscopic copper oxide polymers. The middle layer traps small particles that may pass through the outer layer. It also prevents the flow of particles outward. The inner layer is close to the nose and mouth and was designed to absorb moisture.

Importantly, the Copper Inside Mask is eco-friendly and designed to minimize its environmental impacts during its whole life cycle and reducing waste.

In this way, a Copper-Oxide Antiviral Medical Facemask with copper from Norway helps prevent the coronavirus from spreading, provides effective protection of individuals, and ensures the environment’s safety.

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