Civilian Rescue Operations

Civilian rescue methodologies and expertise strengthen the country’s emergency response system, save lives, and assist in providing the citizens the sense of security person so deserves.

Civilian rescue operations and disciplines are valid for both routine and emergencies, from weather disasters (e.g., earthquakes), terror attacks, to full-scale war

We have over 30 years of proven field experience in crisis management, situation awareness and disaster resilience, communication technologies and interoperability, and forming operational concepts for Search & Rescue tasks in your city.
Olvitech’s Management team can provide your aminations and the acting Emergency Forces and first responders with practical & operational methodologies of Civilian Rescue in the situation of:
• Earth Quakes
• Terror Attack
• Act of War
• Biological and Chemical Warfare

We teach Israeli Civilian Search & Rescue methodology of failure and success assessment to any organization’s forces responsible for security, to remove obstacles, and to achieve the fastest route to increasing rescue productivity within any organization.

Israeli Civilian Search & Rescue Methodology – from theory to practice