Concept and Feasibility Study


The concept’s objective is to ensure the right path is taken in choosing the technology and operational approach to meet the specific challenges you face professionally, and to achieving a new level of security in your particular social and technological ecosystem.

We realized that security is more than prevent potential harm. It has impacts on every aspect of life.

Security feeling is one of the most critical factors in forming public opinion and satisfaction

Citizens may have tangible differences in the quality of life, but at the same time, we believe that the foundations of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs should be accessible to everyone.

We create the concept with you. Unlock your choices!

Our method has three key features that each has its purpose.

  1. Innovation – future-proven connectivity bringing together experts from different industries and facilitating real-time conversations with vendors. We bring our experts around the same table to create entirely new security smart concepts around strategic topics.
  2. Transformation requires a big-picture view of the organization’s strategy, processes and security assets.
  3. Efficiency – too many plans / no plans at all regarding different roles and functions leads to unnecessary costs and incorrect selection. We always choose efficiency and competence.

Our concepts focus on helping our customers create new strategies, design optimal business models and technical processes, select and implement best-of-breed solutions to generate the highest business benefits. We combine security expertise with IT understanding and approach challenges from a business perspective as well.


Our technical choice of products and platforms is the practice of designing and reacting to customer environment to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase the sustainability requirements of the project.
Our Experience and technical expertise are the sources of a sustainable advantage going forward.

You can add a significant value and accelerate innovation with us using our tried-and-tested tools

Long-term experience of the company’s staff in interaction with different Tier 1 corporate and state structures, vendors and developers of the newest technologies, research institutes and commercial clients, start-up companies and investors, as well as access to feasibility studies by European standard (e.g. UNIDO), have allowed us to accumulate this unique know-how for creation of project feasibility studies in video and security aria. In our work, we always consider the experience of stakeholders, operators and system integrators, statistics and opinions of industry experts.