Security Advisory and Consultancy

Our specialists are reliable consultants of the world’s leading organizations aimed at creating and maintaining value for our customers.

Our specialists work with senior management in functional areas, applying our experience and deep industry knowledge to develop innovative technological solutions for building or updating the infrastructure of our customers and helping them to grow and achieve innovative technical results.

We guide you in embracing a flexible way of optimization of video, analytics, and other security operations

With the help of our comprehensive technologies and industry knowledge, you can improve the quality of service for citizens and customers, enhance security and optimize the platform for the introduction of new business models and services.

We introduce decision models based on data and on-field experience instead of guesses

In the age of innovation, organizations are constantly exposed to the pressure of renewal. The ever-increasing demands for updating are influenced by technological innovation, risks and external factors.

We show you how to embrace new security technology safely

Digital disruptions provide a rich opportunity to implement a basic strategy and use technology to work smarter and faster.

We take a holistic view on customer experience by developing strategies for changing, growing, adapting and responding to destructive forces

Olvitech consulting services are designed for clients in all sectors, regions and at all stages of growth. We offer our clients industry experience and solutions for successful business transformation, help clients change their platform, project or business.