Founded and operative since 2009, Olvitech Israel focuses on harnesses unique solutions for healthcare, wellbeing, consumer, industrial, military, and government applications. We cooperate with large retail and technology companies to deliver affordable solutions from remote patient’s vital signs monitoring, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to revolutionary copper-based antimicrobial wound dressing.
Olvitech Israel offers high-quality products based on the scientific achievements of Israeli scientists and engineers.

Our consumer products are suitable for a wide range of applications including health, hygiene, beauty, home care. We are proud of the copper-based product line. The product line is designed for improving the quality of people’s daily lives through the power of copper. The products embedded with copper particles provide unique antimicrobial, healing, and cosmetics properties, as proven by numerous dedicated tests and research.

All solutions by Olvitech Israel are backed with years of successful experience in HLS and Healthcare applications for both the federal and private markets worldwide.