Project’s Technical Auditing

Deciding on the value, effectiveness, and sustainability of a security project is a complex, multi-layer, and disciplined process that can significantly affect your business. A well-supported assessment is often a necessary step in deciding on a new investment, choosing the best technical solution for your platform, and improving the overall project.

Transforming risk into a strategic advantage

Olvitech performs a systematic and independent examination of the specific activities carried out during the project, to determine whether such actions and related results comply with the scope of work and whether these works are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve the project objectives.

We perform an objective examination and evaluation of the technological project aspects vs. the project’s goals and strategies. A technical audit is conducted on a one-time or periodic basis to verify the level of operational suitability of the equipment, its readiness for routine and emergency operations, and compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements.

As part of the audit performed by our teams, we examine the ROI (return on investment) schemes vs. reality, and when required, we propose the means to overcome the gaps

Olvitech Audit report is submitted discreetly to the project’s Stakeholders for further evaluation and decision-making.

Compelling technical valuation, planning, and response can limit operational interruption and the associated costs of a crisis and its aftermath.