“I’m in an Entertainment and Games business. My Surveillance system was designed and developed by SI according to my challenges and needs. It was supposed to utilize face recognition scenarios. My SI has recommended using a platform of a vendor, who had a great innovative cloud solution. We decided to go for it and develop the whole concept around this technology. Shortly after a successful lounge of the system, the regulation in our country-restricted usage of a cloud solution, with servers, based outside the country and restricted a collection of some of the personal information. The vendor had no alternative solution and couldn’t support such a scenario. As a result, the Olvitech team rebuilt the concept, and we saved an enormous budget. Read more

Innovations meet Regulations

“Our site is a private Education Institution. It was planned 3 years ago, and the CCTV part was designed accordantly. During the years of constructions many changes happened on my site, some of communication infrastructure has moved from its original path, the fence has different layout and height and also a nearby lake aria became a part of our responsibility in terms of student’s safety. As a result, we face different security threats and by the time we start installation of the originally designed Surveillance system – it is no longer address our needs.” Read more

Flexibility of addressing needs and threats

“I’m the owner of a shopping mall. My project was planned for satisfaction by the prominent and well-known system integrator. He offered me a one-stop-shop approach and use surveillance and analytics VMS, cameras, fire detection system, and access control systems of his in-house brands. After the construction have finished, and we were about to start purchasing components, it became clear that the proposed solution is based on outdated technology. I can’t change anything, because I’m “tied” with my SI and his offering. I’m going to make a massive investment into something that will not support modern technology trends and services. I hope you will help me and my partner to renew the technology platform without changing the construction design.” Read more

The relevance of technology