Healthcare IoT

PRIME iot : Remote Monitoring of Real-Time Vital Sign Data

PRIME is an innovative solution, designed by Rinicare, provides comprehensive and bespoke care for patients and people need healthcare. An essential tool for first responders, clinicians, medical researchers and more.

PRIME can be deployed anywhere in the world, allowing the user unparalleled capabilities for real time monitoring, data collection and data analysis. Clinicians are able to access a complete range of real-time vital sign data that is accurate and consistent. The standalone module collects and transmits real-time data directly to a healthcare professional via an app installed on a smart device, where it can be visualized, monitored and stored. Patients can be assessed in their own homes by clinicians, or even remotely by sending their vital sign data to specialists to record, retaining the patient’s independence. Read more


The innovative solution has been designed and developed to aid healthcare providers in managing and regulating the risk of a patient falling, with the potential to reduce or even prevent this event from occurring.

The SAFE Smart Surveillance Unit (SSU) is an innovative thermal imaging sensor system that uses intelligent algorithms to detect the potential risk level of a patient’s position in a bed and allows clinicians to monitor this without being in the room. If a patient’s safety is at risk, it sends out an alert to nearby clinicians instantly alerting them to a possible fall. Read more





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