A Revolutionary Fall Alert System

The innovative solution has been designed and developed to aid healthcare providers in managing and regulating the risk of a patient falling, with the potential to reduce or even prevent this event from occurring.


The SAFE Smart Surveillance Unit (SSU) is an innovative thermal imaging sensor system that uses intelligent algorithms to detect the potential risk level of a patient’s position in a bed and allows clinicians to monitor this without being in the room. If a patient’s safety is at risk, it sends out an alert to nearby clinicians instantly alerting them to a possible fall.

Key Features of SAFE

  • State-of-the-art thermal imaging camera
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Customizable alarms
  • Handheld portable devices
  • Individual incident log
  • Works in the dark/at night

How it works

         Non-invasive silent installation

  • The small ceiling-mounted device is being installed above the patient bed 
  • The device uses thermal imaging and works in both daylight and darkness
  • It doesn’t touch the patient 
  • Does not record any visible image that might contain private details, but only heat trace of the body
  • The unit is connected to SAFE Monitoring System through Ethernet or wirelessly

        Thermal outline analysis

  • Thermal image from the ceiling device is being transmitted to the SAFE Monitoring System
  • The system “translates“ the thermal image into a colored icon, representing the identified position of the person relative to the bed:
    • Inside the bed (safe)
    • Sitting on the edge (danger)
    • Standing next to the bed (danger)
    • Fallen to the floor (alarm)
  • No personal details have been recorded, no video

Monitoring & Report

  • The control panel presents status of all devices connected to the SAFE Monitoring system
  • Each device is associated with Room number and Bed number or any other classification order
  • The system generates a log which records each new position/classification with a timestamp – used to control if the system performs as expected
  • In case of dangerous situation or fall the system generate ALARM which appears on control panel and may be transmitted to any mobile device

Notification & Alert

  • The control panel presents status of all devices connected to the SAFE Monitoring system
  • The system alerts and notify relevant personnel about dangerous situations on any mobile device 24/7