To be truly effective, safety and security need to be built-in from the ground up. Hardware and operating systems need to be designed to create security platforms and resist attacks; applications need to use the right operating system security features.

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Funds safety is the best assessment of the quality of bank activities and a valuable recommendation. Read more

Laser Sensors Radar Sensors Video Cameras Mobile Wearable Solutions Video Analytics Command Control Systems Integration in SafeCity


Traffic Law Enforcement; Intelligent Transport Systems; Smart Parking. Read more


Aviation security is a top priority for the country. Our solutions focus on building the sectoral dynamics of the aviation security industry.

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Large infrastructure projects, which present a unique set of communications IOT based technologies, lead the telecommunication companies to the central role of Safe-City and Smart-City project execution. Read more

Physical Security Management System Integration Process Analysis


Assisting System Integrator’s project teams to approach the different project aspects better,  focusing on maximizing efficiency. Read more