The last decade has presented the aviation sector with new security challenges and threats, which requires an innovative approach, enhanced technologies, and a sophisticated Concept of Operation. International efforts were made to improve aviation security, and this led to a reassessment of global aviation security measures.
Aviation security is under federal responsibility. National authorities either provide this service on their own or delegate it to the airport administration, which may also use subcontractors for specific tasks. However, given the transnational and cross-border nature of the security challenges, the creation of a fundamental concept and dedicated planning, that takes all security aspects of an Airport into consideration, before initiating a security systems plays an essential role in coordinating initiatives and policies, affects the overall mechanisms of aviation security.

People life and economic development

Trends in the aviation industry show a significant increase in the number of passengers, as well as air cargo. Like a “domino effect,” while expanding the infrastructure, it is necessary to comply with more stringent requirements for ensuring passenger safety at airports, but at the same time cope with an increase in throughput.
The aviation industry is at the center of domestic and international transport and plays a vital role in supporting economic growth and global competitiveness.

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Aviation security is a top priority for the country.

There is an essential difference between aviation safety for passengers and cargo. Our solutions focus on building the sectoral dynamics of the aviation security industry.

Olvitech proposes to follow this approach when designing Airport security systems at such stages as planning, designing, building, updating, and risk assessments. The inclusion of an Airport Security Expert assessment at the beginning of the planning process will lead to a more coordinated, economic, and sustainable approach to security.