Banks and Financial Services

New construction or branch renewal of the bank; the revision of the bank’s security tasks pose a severe new challenge for the administration to organize a high level of security of the building. The problem always should face the status of the bank or financial institution.

Security level and technology quality, as well as the ability to protect the lives and assets of customers, their property and information, unquestionably affect the client’s trust, moreover, raise the attractiveness of the bank.

Funds safety is the best assessment of the quality of bank activities and a valuable recommendation

Security system work instability of the bank can lead to a drop in confidence in the bank, a decrease in its reputation, cause an outflow of customers and reduce the number of potential customers.

In conditions of high competition in the financial sector, this is simply unacceptable.

The level of the security system must meet strict criteria for functionality, stability plus scalability; to be able to further merge all the branches and branches of the bank into a single secure system.

Personal responsibility

The technical base of the bank’s security system usually is sophisticated and functional; however, the organization should raise the personal responsibility of each employee: all safety rules and instructions compliance, restricting access to assets of the system ​​and mandatory registration of authorized / unauthorized events. Security should be organized in necessary cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

Building a security system

Bank’s security system formation is a multilevel process and requires the right approach in classifying protected objects, response centers, and ensuring the proper level of functioning and reliability of each element of the system.

The interaction of all components and subsystems, both on the hardware and software levels is a crucial part of financial institute functionality.

We use flexible technology

Physical protection; Fire Safety; Cyber

Access control; CCTV & Video analytics

Voice analytics; 4D Audio recording and much more