Neighborhoods and Villages

Neighborhoods, either in a City or at a remote location, requires a dedicated approach when it comes to planning and applying security operational methods and operations. Neighborhood security, or more precisely a lack of it, is gradually considered as a key social problem.
Our leading motives when planning a security concept for closed Neighborhood or a village is achieving secure and safe environmental sustainability, by reducing crime rate and physical disorder, which ultimately effects the quality of life of the local community members.

We, in Olvitech, leading on our security planning experience, take into consideration all aspects of securing and protecting the private assets as well as the public one, identifying the neighborhood “soft spots”, targeting particular risk factors, all to provide a sustainable security solution.

Security is the key to everything we do

Our planning process, provide the same level of attention and importance to securing closed neighborhoods and villages, as provided larger cities. We believe that the methodologies, combined with the appropriate technology, shall enhance security and contribute to a material improvement in a neighborhood’s security situation.

We target particular risk factors in the neighborhood

Monitor for Intruders / Protect Water Supplies / Prevent Break-Ins/ Deter Theft / Monitor Daily Operations / Employee Monitoring /Parking and Playground Monitoring and More