System Integrators

A Partner you Trust

For the last 25 years, we in Olvitech are serving and working “hand in hand” with System Integrators, enhancing procedures and assisting System Integrator’s project teams to approach the different project aspects better, focusing on maximizing efficiency vs. the project objectives and stakeholder’s viewpoint.

We embrace the boundaries and terms of the responsibility of our service provisioning, and we cooperate seamlessly with the System Integrator’s team and working as one synchronized platform, to providing our SI partner a set of services to successfully approach and submit a sustainable working project.

Olvitech training programs provided to our system integrators partners are:

  • Physical Security Management: reliable facility security plan, man & technology synergy in security scenarios, security administrator goals, and benchmarks
  • Efficient Project Process: IAF methodology of failure and success assessment to system integrators to remove obstacles and achieve significant advancement
  • On-Going Mentoring: walk-through projects stages, real-time knowledge attainment & overcoming challenges
  • Process Analysis: organization level improvement, efficiency, resolve bottlenecks and goal achieving orientation
  • Event Assessment: significant event analysis, Ad-hoc committee, full-scale inquiry, and extensive recovery report
  • Lesson Sharing: knowledge transfer, tools & rules & infrastructure