Large infrastructure projects, which present a unique set of communications IOT based technologies, lead the telecommunication companies to the central role of Safe-City and Smart-City project execution. Leveraging an IoT platform can aid cities in managing their extensive network of connected devices and sensors, as well as the vast amount of data that will be gathered through them.
Planned correctly, Telecom, as a stakeholder in any infrastructure project, shall enjoy a sustainable, revenue-generating project.

We provide Telecom companies with a set of tools to speed up their presence in security market and scale up their cooperation with municipal, commercial and industrial consumers in this area


Our team assures consistent technology intelligence and vendors road maps aiming to integrate viable new technologies into our customer’s projects. We plan and design project with you!


With 25 years of experience in telecommunications, security and military training, we will easily find a common language with your designers. We will train your team a unique project management training, based on Israeli Air-Force methodologies for process analyses and events assessment, all to upscale your personnel skills and achieve significant advancement.


Based on our thrall understanding of the project’s requirement and the Telecom infrastructure, we guide you in embracing a flexible ways of optimizing the ever-growing video, audio, analytics, and other related transmissions Our specialists will work with your senior and project management in functional areas, applying our experience and in-depth industry knowledge to develop innovative technological solutions for building or updating the infrastructure to support your customer’s project.